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    Take advantage of our many years of experience. Clinical dietitian - PhD, MSc. Anna Lewitt has been successfully supporting the treatment of civilization diseases for many years.
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    Dietary catering offered by the EGO Medical Centre is a full-day set of meals that are individually composed and balanced for a specific person. The goal of our company is to develop the sort of diet, which is optimum for You.
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Medical Center of Dietetics and Personal Training EGO in Warsaw is run by Anna Lewitt, PhD, MSc.

We offer professional consulting on individually balanced diet and menu planning, and natural supplementation. Also, we cook and deliver daily sets of meals and provide individually tailored programmes of balanced diet and physical exercise.
We developed our own unique controlled diet and supervised physical exercise programme ’Effective Slimming’ which includes:
• body composition examination
• healthy, nutritious, and individually balanced set of meals every day
• individual training supervised by our physiotherapists
Our patients are constantly monitored and instructed on daily basis by our qualified staff.

The main principles of the “Effective Slimming” programme are as follows:

1/ Correct combination of diet and exercise
Our programme includes individually balanced five meals a day and suitable exercise under the tutelage of a personal trainer. Within 2 months women lose 5-10 kilos and men – 10-15 kilos of excess weight on average.

2/ Burn fat not muscle
The combination of individual diet and a proper type of exercise lets you burn excess fat, but not muscular tissue.

3/ Some of the main rules of proper slimming:
• Avoid fasting. It has nothing in common with proper slimming. Fasting may serve as a short-term medicinal therapy and this is how it should be treated. Riddle: Why do many popular miraculous diets usually last for 2-3 weeks? Because that is how long you can lie to your body that everything is ok. Then it will revolt. Slimming must go in harmony with human physiology. And it cannot bear hunger.
• The less processed food, the better.
• Eat different kinds of cereal and grains, oatmeal, vegetables. Daily, on average 50% of energy should come from complex carbohydrates. Vegetables are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.
• Don’t forget about protein and fat. The healthiest fat comes from fish (non-saturated fatty acids omega 3). Lean meat (poultry and fish) gives you a guarantee that you won’t put on weight and it is necessary for your health and muscular tissue building.
• Eat every 3 hours, 5 times a day. It’s better to eat small portions more often so that you’re not hungry. The number of meals is adjusted to your individual needs and lifestyle (the longer and more intensive day, the more and more often you eat). At the beginning many people claim that they are not able to eat 5 meals a day, but after some time they even ask for adding one more meal. The reason for this is simple. Diet and exercise accelerate the pace of our metabolism.
• Drink lots of water. At least 2,5-3 l per day.
• Exercise at least 2-3 times per week. Cardio training improves your physical condition, develops muscle and helps lose excess weight

Medical Center of Dietetics and Personal Training EGO takes an individual approach towards every patient. Here you can learn about proper nourishment, effective and unproblematic ways to lose weight, and, first of all, how to look attractive and remain healthy at the same time.